July Watchlist Update - 7.9.22

September 27, 2022
July Watchlist Update - 7.9.22

Hello Blaze Capital Members!

We have a big update to announce for your watchlists! This update has made it easier than ever to manage the stocks you are tracking. You can now access your watchlist, add, and remove stocks directly from the stocks feed with a fresh new UI!

  • To get the best experience possible, we HIGHLY recommend resetting your watchlist. If you do not reset your watchlist, there is a chance you may miss alerts.

You can now manage your watchlist directly from your main stocks feed

  • Click "Manage Watchlist"

  • The window will flip to list all the stocks you are currently tracking

  • To ADD a stock to your watchlist, you can either click "Add Stock" and search for the stock you would like to add

  • OR you can add a stock from the main feed by clicking the "+" button to the right

  • To DELETE a stock from your watchlist, click "Manage Watchlist" on the top right, and click the (-) button next to the ticker you would like to remove

  • Alert filtering is here! You can now click on the tabs built into your watchlist: Trade, Swing and invest will filter your feed down to ONLY stocks you are tracking! Click on one of the alert buttons to filter down your list to focus in on what you want to trade! The button will glow when you have the Trade, Swing, or Invest filter selected.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoy the watchlist update!

-The Blaze Capital Team!