Options Flow Beta Test

September 27, 2022
Options Flow Beta Test

Hello Blaze Capital Pro Users!

We’re excited to announce that we will be opening a beta test of our upcoming Options Flow feature on the platform.  Using this page, you will be able to easily FOLLOW THE MONEY, and track major market moves.  

As new unusual options are detected, your feed will update automatically with fresh new ideas.  Featuring such as filtering and customizations are limited for now, and we expect to roll those out in our next release.


Some pointers to get you started:

A block trade is a large, privately negotiated securities transaction.  Block trades are arranged away from public markets to lessen the effect on the security's price. They are usually carried out by hedge funds and institutional investors via investment banks and other intermediaries, though high-net-worth accredited investors may also be eligible to participate.

An option sweep is an option purchase which occurs across multiple exchanges with the purpose of filling a large order rapidly.  They appear as multiple small orders, however, the origin traces back to the same buyer.  In a sweep order, priority is given to speed over price, which illustrates urgency.  The buyer wants this position now, which could imply a significant potential move in the stock's share price.  

An option split is the same concept as the sweep, however it is occurring on a single exchange rather than multiple exchanges.

Where are we heading?

We are transitioning towards a new platform user experience and framework.  The options feed will soon be evolving and offer a slick interface, advanced filtering, customized reporting and alerts, and personalized options feeds.  

We will be making a more detailed announcement about these changes in the coming weeks.

*OPRA data is 15 minutes delayed