TheAlgo Spring Update!

September 27, 2022
TheAlgo Spring Update!

Hello TheAlgo Members!

We have some new updates for TheAlgo dashboard, and we think you will love them! The goal of this update is to bring some of the value you get in Slack to your Dashboard with the Justin Feed. Dark Pool levels have been improved and we have introduced Lit Pool flow to our Dark Pool feed.

Please note, the Justin Feed feature is only available to members subscribed to our Pro Plan.

Here are some updates included in our recent push:

  • Introduced the Justin Feed (Click Here)
  • Lit Pool Flow has been added to the Dark Pool section (Learn More)
  • Current Price Indicator added to "Dark Pool Flow Levels" Section
  • Fear & Greed Bar is now available on the S&P 500 Overview (Click SP500 on the Dashboard)
  • New options feed data provider (more flow, more data, better reliability!)
  • Stocks Feed Update:  Gain or Loss from last alerted price (+/- %)
  • Overall performance & Optimization improvements
  • Revamped News & Economic Data (Mobile + Desktop experience to match the rest of the dashboard)

Please let us know what you think, and leave us some feedback if you find any bugs!


TheAlgo Team